Chicken throw up?!


7 Years
Mar 21, 2013
North Conway, NH
Last night when I picked up my RIR Laci to put her in for the night she threw up. I have never heard about or seen a chicken throw up until last night. Is something wrong? She seems perfectly fine..she is my best layer, lays an egg right around 8am every morning without fail, she is very active and energetic and her stool seems perfectly normal. What going on? Or is it not something to worry about?
Thanks for the help!

This is her laying an egg a few days ago. Aint she pretty? :)
Feel her crop. It should fill up during the day and feel squishy and empty by morning. It could be something as simple as eating something that didn't agree with her or something as bad as sour crop. If her crop is feeling like above and there is no bad smell coming out of her mouth I would keep an eye on her but not worry. If it is hard and stays hard by morning or has a bad smell I would start reading about impacted/sour crop.
A full and squishy crop first thing in the morning=sour crop. This may be a fungal overgrowth like a yeast infection, and they won't digest their food. They can eventually starve. A full and hard crop in morning =impacted crop. Different treatments for each. Vomiting sounds like sour crop. Nystatin (by prescription) or Medistat (on available online) can be used to treat sour crop. Here is a helpful info site:

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