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May 24, 2013
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Hello Everyone,

I signed up for BYC in 2013 but wasn't able to have a coup in my yard then :(
So since then we moved! And now I can and am super excited but also super overwhelmed... we live in Newtonville Ontario Canada so winter gets cold. I'm scared my hens will freeze and I am a crier so it would not be good...

I'd like to start with 2-4 hens and eventually have up to 10 :) but that will take some time or I might just send my husbands blood pressure through the roof (slow n steady:)

I'm looking for coup suggestions, ( I know I want to be able to walk into the coup) have a little room for the feed and hay for the nesting box or to corenteen a hen if needed ( storage area) I do like the idea of raising the coup off the ground as it adds sq footage and gives them more shade... I heard lenolium floors work well for easy clean up and I was thinking sand in the coup? Easy clean up? Less order? The coup will be near the house because our yard goes on a natural slope and I want to make things easier for myself for feeding etc.

And bedding ideas ( minimize the smell and not have to clean it daily) I want to raise chickens but we also both work full time and have kids ( I can have both right :)
Hen suggestions for cold climates that have good egg production.
To insulate or not?
The poop hammock? Are people using it? Is it worth it?

Elevating their food and water?

And venalation in the coup. I do want windows

I'm brand new but very excited any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Thank you


Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi Mandy and welcome to BYC - great that you now have space for your chickens
I'd suggest checking out the coops section -, but likely most importantly, I'd ask on your country thread for the above advice, since they have experience of living in such a "wonderful" climate
- This link may also be helpful -

Any further questions could also be asked on this forum -

Good luck with your research


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