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    Apr 14, 2011
    I have a metal dog kennel i'd like to convert into a chicken tractor. 4 side panels 4ft high and 5-6ish ft long, a gate and back panel. i'm not sure if it will be too heavy to use all panels or if i'll only use 4 and have a smaller square space. I plan on putting wire over the top/bottom for predators and to rig one of those plastic kids playhouses as a daytime coop for shelter and protection (its fairly light and hopefully easy to move with the tractor).

    I looked at wheels yesterday at Lowes and am curious if anyone has guidance on how to best install them on a metal kennel?

    Actually, I haven't seen any smaller dog kennels turned chicken tractors on this site before and am wondering if perhaps its not the best use of materials...has anyone tried this before?

    Thanks all!

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