Chicken tractor design that keeps an urban shared yard clean/poop free


9 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Any ideas or links or photos on chicken tractors (for 3 - 6 hens) that will catch poops and keep a very urban (just blocks from downtown Seattle), shared yard clean?

Our landlord lives on acreage and has chickens. We used to live on acreage and have chickens, and she and I have bonded over this. I think if I can pitch a well thought out plan to her for keeping chickens and keeping our shared yard clean, she may let us have hens here. We're allowed 3 hens, I believe, by the city. But it's multiple buildings/lots all sharing one yard space so we may be able to have more than three.


A newbie's thoughts... I may be wrong, but I think the point of a tractor is that the birds are able to forage an poo on the lawn. If you don't want poo on the lawn, then I think you want a coop with a permanent run that you clean. Alternately, if you want the birds to be able to dig in the grass for weeds and bugs, etc., then it may be just a matter of raking up after them each time you move the tractor and probably moving the tractor frequently to prevent damage to the shared lawn, so a light-weight unit would be in order.

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