Chicken tractor design...

chickadee in sc

10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
I am new at this, dont know much about computers, but i can do many things. I live by myself and was raised on a dairy farm. I can make homemade butter,yogurt, and buttermilk. I am very independent. I live on a farm and have a prolific garden, and built my chicken coop, a 14x14 , that looks good enough to live in myself. It was built out of scrap lumber. It is amazing as to what people have no use for and waste.. My big question is this I plan to build another coop before I get any hens.. I will build a chicken tractor out of an old farm wagon running gear that is heavy duty that actually is a sears and roebuck from the 50s or 60s.. It has a tongue on it. The running gear was called the electric wheel. Why I cant tell you. If any one has some good leads and suggestions or even some layouts , that look really good , It would greatly be appreciated... My best Regards to all. My email is [email protected]

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