chicken tractor questioins.

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10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
I'm not really sure if this is the best place to ask this question but I'll give it a shot.

I am thinking about getting a few chickens (2 or 3) and live in residential neighborhood there fore I am looking at building a chicken tractor to keep the chickens in.

If I where to build a tractor of the A frame variety with a completely enclosed run and coop, would I need to put some type of door between the coop and run that can be closed? If yes, even thought the run and coop are connected and completely enclosed would you still need to open and close the door ever morning and evening?

I'll be placing the tractor in my back yard which has a 6 foot tall privacy fence.
It depends on the climate. When it is freezing, I think you will want to shut them in the house portion. Although they can handle freezing temps fine, they need to be free of drafts. Now that it is warmer, I leave the inside door to the run open so they can come and go as they like.
You don't have to. As long as the coop and run are predator proof, it should be fine. I love the a frame coops, planning one soon.
I would for SURE build a door there. You WILL need it sometimes.

As for whether to shut them in at night, it is a lot safer, but it is a personal choice depending on how you feel about the risks.

Good luck, have fun,


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