Chicken Tractor, small A Frame Coop and 2 Bantam Breeder Pens GA


Poultry Princess
12 Years
Jul 16, 2008
North-West Georgia

Tractor pen is 4x8 with the coop measuring 4x2. Roof raises on hinges for easy clean out and a pop door for egg gathering. $125


Coop is ideal for shelter in your existing run from elements and for securing your birds from predators at night. $45


Breeder pens are raised off the ground, have soilid floors and are divided to house 2 trios or quads of bantams per unit. $180 each

Also I have a copy of the Amarican Bantam Standard of Perfection issue 1981 in hardback. Excellent copy in pristine shape. $25
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These are still available and just so you know, I am only about 8 miles down the road from the Chicken Swap in Buchanan toward the end of this month so if any of you are gonna come to it and would like to see the pens, you can. Just let me know.

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