chicken tractor, who knew?

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    Mar 10, 2013
    i have five excellent chickens, 2 welsummers, 2 barred rocks and a speckled sussex. they have a nice coop and hen house but summer is coming and they are getting anxious to get out and about. Last summer they free ranged all over the neighborhood, causing a little trouble. they really enjoyed themselves, though. Now they are laying and i don't want to scour the woods looking for eggs.

    i'm thinking about building a chicken pavillion, or tractor which i just found out it's called. my idea is to construct a teepee out of 6 cheap wooddn screen doors and chicken wire that i can pull around the yard. it would be for day use. i have a small feeder and waterer, but need some ideas for a laying box that wouldn't be too cunbersome or heavy to drag around. (they take turns laying throughout the day.)

    any help appreciated, and cow, moo, blackberry, sweetheart and cheep-cheep thank you too!


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