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Sep 11, 2013
South Africa
Hi guys, I am very new to the site as well as to keeping backyard chickens!! We stay in SA and I have really found your site very usefull with all the tips and info. We are not as lucky as you guys over there to be able to order chicken tractors online, so I have decided that the hubby and I will attempt to build our own chicken tractor.

I have read alot about this subject on your site and love all the views and opinions. I however would like to know if you guys think that 1m x 2m tractor would be enough to keep 3 hens? We have a lot of owls and hawks even though we stay in town. Not to mention dogs and cats. So a tractor would have tl be the way to go. I would let them roam freely when I can watch them. What size would you suggest? I want to make the nesting boxes in the roof of the A frame so that they have full use of the ground space?
Welcome to BYC! It's always nice to see another SA member
Have you looked at the Coops section's designs yet? Size wise it's recommended that you allow 4 sq ft per chicken in the coop and 10 sq ft per chicken in the run.
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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

If you do have to confine your birds to a small area, look for breeds that are more docile and tolerate confinement better.
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