Chicken vent problem


Feb 2, 2019
Hi! My 6 month old Buff Orpington was in the nesting box, and when I let the others out into the yard, she came too. she was/is trying to lay an egg, but her vent looks very red and inside-outish? I put her back in the nesting box.
I'm somewhat new to chickens, so I'm not very experienced. Please help!
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Oh no! That sounds like a prolapsed vent. I really don’t know how to treat it because I have not had that problem with any of my chickens yet, but I think there are some other members that can help you out and I also think there is an article on the site about how to deal with that problem.
update: we left her in the nesting box and checked on her a few minutes later and the vent looked back to normal. She did lay her egg... We're so relieved that she's okay

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