Chicken vs Guinea eggs

They are a lot richer then chicken eggs. deeper yellow too. My fav way to eat them is hard boiled. The only downside is the shells are thicker so they are harder to peel. I honestly want an egg salad or omelet made from just guinea eggs.
My nearest neighbor is in his 80's, I give him free eggs. He asks for guinea eggs which get hard to find as the guineas don't really like you taking them & move their nest. My neighbor walks the property looking for guinea eggs
I know you didnt ask me but I found a "guinea farm" up in Iowa that takes orders all winter for fertile eggs. You can select 1 option that are "mixed" & random colors. They wont ship the eggs till spring & I think 10 of my 12 hatched. Select the "assorted" option & you will get 4 eggs of 3 different colors.
I've never had guinea eggs, so I can't compare. I have had duck eggs, which I don't like as well as chicken eggs. The "gamey" flavor was my issue. Also, they gave me really nasty gas later in the day. TMI, but something to consider, I guess.

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