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    Purchased an 8x12 shed kit from wayfair and modified it for my new flock. Almost finished just need to add some hardware cloth to each end where i left the top open for ventilation.

    Also made a 20x50 pen with fencing in the shade of some hickory trees.

    I used lots of hardware cloth as im in the south and it stays above 90 most of the summer. Towards the end of may we already had 9 straight days above 90 so having some ventilation was critical.

    Oh I may add that 20 chicks are in the brooder box that arrived 4 days ago.

    Anyway here are some coop pictures

    20190526_110213_HDR.jpg 20190526_112023_HDR.jpg 20190527_131412.jpg 20190527_163824_HDR.jpg 20190601_170047_HDR.jpg 20190601_170057.jpg 20190601_170119.jpg 20190601_170106.jpg 20190604_174440.jpg 20190604_174541.jpg 20190604_174559.jpg 20190604_181429.jpg 20190604_180933.jpg 20190609_134049.jpg 20190609_135705.jpg 20190609_135710.jpg 20190611_162254.jpg
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    Should also add after I planned the coop i had to change my plans somewhat after seeing this the first week we moved into our new home. And i should add this is one of many
    00000032.JPG 00000016.JPG
    And they are so bold they dont even wait until night time.

    After seeing so many predators I decided to use brick for a foundation so the coop Would have a floor and changed from chicken wire to hardware cloth. Also made a locking chicken door for night time.
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    Chicks just arrived a couple days ago so plenty of time for tweaks

    20190612_085217_1560347572106_001.jpg 20190613_163609.jpg IMG_20190615_181020_405.jpg 20190613_163717.jpg
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    Get a fence charger and run some hot wires around the outside of your run. They make insulators the clip onto the T posts so installing is easy. Mine gets tested regularly but nothing gets past the initial test.

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    Well since my last post here alot has happened. We purchased 8 guinea's from a poultry expo and put them in the coop. We moved the 20 chicks oit of the brooder and into the coop. The guineas are playing nice.

    I am covering the pen which is 50x25 with bird netting in a few days at which point I am going to start letting them in the pen. After im sure they know where home is im letting the guinea's out to do their thing and wage war on bugs!
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    20190623_192515.jpg 20190623_105925.jpg 20190708_203255.jpg 20190630_185902.jpg 20190708_202422.jpg
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    That is a pretty nice set up! Wish we were allowed to have that many in the city limits.
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    Not sure what I got us into to be honest. I ordered 16 chicks they sent 20. I wanted a couple guineas a few at the most and ended up walking out with all 8 that they had.

    When the chicks were tiny peeps it didnt occur to me just how manynwe had. Now they are growing and I am starting to realize we have alot going in back there. 28 counting the guinea's which are starting to become a handful.

    Today I caught the guineas bumping chests , 2 males perhaps? Anyhow they are getting rowdy and also today I started to hear them.

    I read to keep them in the coop for 6 weeks so when you finally turn them loose they know where home is.

    Today our bird netting arrived which I plan to cover the outside run or pen. At least that will allow them more room to roam until i let them out.

    I may be dealing with more roosters than I planned also. Im figuring the extra birds will be boys. Already identified 2.

    So being new to chickens we will have our hands full.
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    Oh boy howdy! You really jumped in with both feet didn't you. It looks like a decent set up. Minimally crowded but getting rid of a few cockerels will probably fix that. Actually I don't know how much room guineas need inside a coop, just chickens. But I'm guessing you're good. I envy the room you have for raising birds. Enjoy!
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    Back home a few years back we had 4 buff o girls. They never made a single peep. Quiet and friendly. I can already tell you this will be nit so quiet.

    I doubt the guineas will roost in the coop once i let them out.

    The good news is there is really nobody to bother around here. I live on the end of a dead end street. The street ends at my house, and my only neighbors are way down the road shouldn't mind as every day we have to stop in the street waiting for all his roosters to get out of the street where they scratch.

    I dont think my chickens will roam that far but the guinea's may.

    I am not sure I am going to get rid of any boys. I ordered 1 buff o rooster and i got a free mystery chick which is a bielefelder rooster. Thats 2 for sure. There is a possibility that 1 or 2 more buff o are boys. I could end up with 4. The good news is Bielefelders amd buff O roosters are super mellow.

    Without the guineas raising heck im hoping for peace ✌ in the pen.

    I have a feeling the guinea's will be in the tree's and on the roof. When i go in the coop all 20 chicks run to me and fly up on my shoulders and peck my feet.

    The guinea's want nothing to do with me and run in circles to avoid me

    The only time i can touch them is when they are roosting they tolerate me petting them. I know as soon as I open that pen they are gone with the wind.
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