Chicken Walking on its Knuckles


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Jul 31, 2014
Leesburg GA
I have two roosters walking on their knuckles. One has been penned for about a month by himself and started about a week ago. The other has been free ranging and started last night. They aren't related, different ages but feed is the same. The one who started last night also seems to have yellow skin as apposed to pinkish white. Any ideas?
Curled under toes can be a sign of riboflavin deficiency. I would make sure that your feed is fresh dated, or get a new bag. Start some poultry vitamins in their water containing vitamin B2 (riboflavin.) If you have B Complex for humans, you could also use that. The sooner it is treated, the more likely it can be cured. Here is an article from The Poultry Site:


432.433.The hypovitaminosis B2 (riboflavin deficiency) is characterized with impaired oxidation processes and dystrophic changes in the peripheral nerves. The typical clinical sign are curled toes due to paralysis. In the beginning, the toes are slightly flexed and chickens tend to stand on their hocks. In moderate cases, a marked leg weakness and toe flexion in a different extent are observed.


434.In severe cases, the toes are completely curled downward and inward and complete weakness of legs is present. A considerable improvement and relief could be expected if the treatment is initiated in the initial stage of the disease. Water soluble vitamins, that are easily utilized, are recommended.
As long as it has riboflavin or B2. Dissolve it in a teaspoonful of water or grind it up in the food. B vitamins are water soluble, so very hard to over dose.
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Scratch the powder. I put 12ccs of B-Complex in a quart waterer for the big rooster and 6ccs in a quart waterer for the smaller rooster and marked the containers. If they don't drink any by the time I get home from school tomorrow I'll orally dose them.
Both are eating but won't drink the B Complex water so I forced it and left it free choice as well as gave them plenty of plain water. Will force more this afternoon
Instead of putting it in the water, put some on their food--you can even mix it in yogurt or egg and combine it with feed. Maybe it was too strong--they don't need much. Their feed should contain it, but vitamins can leech out of food if it is old. Any probiotic powder would work.
They have a choice of both. And thankfully they are already showing improvement. The large rooster is putting weight on his leg and the small rooster's toes are curled anymore, although he is still walking on his heels. I'll force more in the morning. Thank youu!

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