Chicken water nipples reviews?


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Jul 13, 2013
Columbia, MO
We use vertical nipples in a Home Depot bucket. In the winter, we use a bucket heater (immersible) and don't have any problems. Our bucket has 4 nipples. We have a smaller "fair weather" bucket that also has four nipples. We have 16 birds and they all do quite well with this set up.


Jul 10, 2015
IF it's dripping constantly either it needs tightening OR the leak is coming from the connection of the nipple to the pipe (bucket).


Jul 24, 2015
Western Mass
They can get very messed up in the winter, because even if the water is slushy in the bucket, if their is a little ice inside the nipple itself, it will not seal correctly and will constantly drip. They are fairly inexpensive, I've seen them sold 8 for $35, free shipping.
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Apr 19, 2010
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So glad I found this thread, I'm so sick of regular waterers especially when I have to lug a 3 gal. container pull it apart clean it out in 90 degree southern summers! I just bought a vertical nipple waterer but one of the nipples leak so I need to return it. But I read the comments in the horizontal nipples and ordered them to make my own since you all are raving over them. I like that it can rest on something flat which can't be don't with the vertical nipples on a bucket. I have a feeling I will be a much happier chicken lady come summer this year!


Jul 29, 2015
I have used the horizontal nipples with great success. Even with -5 deg F temp they didnt freeze with the heater. makes watering so much easier. I used a Tidy Cat bucket and put nipples in about 2" from the bottom and stack it on top of a second bucket that has chicken mash in it. No wet mash to date.


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Feb 19, 2016
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I have used them since I started chickens, brooder to laying.  All right its only been 8 months, but anyway!

I love them.  Check out my page, page 2.  Neil Grassbaugh, a member here sells them.  Good prices and customer support, PM him.  For cold weather I have 3 of them in a 5 gal bucket with a submersible bird bath heater in it.  We'll see how it works this winter!

You may read how the chickens "don't get enough to drink".  IMO if the chickens were still thirsty they would hangout under the nips all day.  They don't, they tap the nip a few times then move on.  Haven't lost a bird to dehydration yet.

Use a black bucket or paint one dark, cuts down on alge and slime.  I also found the  "Gamma lid"  It afixes to any 5 gal bucket then allows you to use its threaded insert for easy access to the bucket.

I have used the "screw in" and the "push in" types.  Use the push ins. 

Good Luck
I bought the push ins ones.I'll be getting chicks April 11th. I read that you need to dip several of your chicks neaks in water bc they will be dehydrated after delivery ( I'm mail ordering from a hatchery) but what do you do if you use the nipples... You can't really dip their beak in anything?
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