Chicken wheezing

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Good morning!

    I have a chicken - a hen, RIR or Production Red, aged almost exactly 1 year - that has always breathed a bit harder/noisier than the others. Her clucking and other noises have always sounded a bit hoarse.

    But today when she breathed it actually sounded like wheezing. Like it was harder to breathe, or at least that it was a lot more rattling when she did. She wasn't breathing any faster, just louder.

    So what could wheezing indicate? Since everything else about her is completely normal and the same as my other hens, is the breathing noise something I should be concerned about? She is the same size as the other hens her age, eats and drinks the same, lays the same, acts the same, there has been no change to bedding or other items in recent weeks, etc. This one hen is the only one with the wheezing.

    Thoughts appreciated!
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    Sounds like CRD - chronic respiratory disease. I'd take her in to your vet to get some blood drawn for testing. [​IMG]

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