Chicken Wine...I thought it was funny


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Feb 5, 2008
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My sister in law bought me this yesterday.

This is a terrific French white that I always bring to dinner's at friend's as a gift. They always get a giggle at the label.


An interesting blend of Grenache, Bourbolenc, Ugni Blanc and Rousanne, the 2006 La Vieille Ferme (blanc) is a shiny, pale gold colour. Luscious fruit up front, with scents of red delicious apple and melon, it reveals honey, hay, basil, mint, fresh cut grass, butter and toast. Elegant, rich and lemony soft on the palate, this is a balanced and enjoyable white, well made and interesting. A terrific value, and now one of my summer white staples. This would be perfect as a chilled, patio quaffer, or a serious white for flavourful white meats (shrimp, chicken, lobster). The red is a disappointment however. Stick with the white.
I love it! Does the label say who makes it? I would love to get a bottle to add to my "odd alcohol bottles" collection
I used it to deglaze a pan of chicken and made a simple white wine sauce tonight and drank two glasses. It twernt too bad.

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