chicken wire ok for top of run?


May 22, 2010
NW Ohio
I'm going to use hardware mesh for the walls of my run, is it ok to use chickenwire for the roof? The run will be about 6 ft tall, and I plan to keep them in the coup at night. I understand that chickenwire for the walls is taking chances, but what about the top?
Weasels and rats can get through 1" wire with no problem. If you plan on locking up the birds each and every night without fail, then chicken wire would be okay. But that one time you decide they'll be okay without getting locked in, something will surely happen. Good luck
It will keep out hawks and keep chickens in; but if you have any climbing dogs/foxes or daytime raccoons, they will be able to get in. Those things are pretty uncommon-to-rare, but it is a personal decision what to do about 'em.

Good luck, have fun,


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