Chicken Wire vs. Welded Wire for run

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    Feb 25, 2017
    Hi All,

    We have 6 1 weekish old chicks in the brooder, and they'll be there until probably 5 or 6 weeks old. This weekend's project is starting coop and run assembly/construction. My husband will be using this plan for the run:

    We have a pre-fab coop which we've been "beefing up" with caulking, liquid nails, extra paint, etc. (We might have to build an addition because we had to get 6 chicks instead of our planned 4, but that's a topic for later...)

    My husband asked me to ask you all which would be better for the run only: 1" hex chicken wire -OR- 2"x4" welded wire? I told him likely chicken wire, but that I'd put the question to all of you far more experienced chicken lovers.

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    Jul 30, 2008
    Like my dad use to say to me. "if you are going to do it do it right".

    I would go with the 2x4 welded wire. chicken wire is very flimsy, hard to work with and will not last as long.
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    Most chicken wire is designed to keep chickens OUT of something, like garden beds. It's very flimsy and not at all predator proof. Try pulling on some by hand and you'll see you can easily warp it and even pull it apart without tools.

    Welded wire with a layer of smaller opening wire over it (i.e. hardware cloth) is far more secure.
  4. aart

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    My Coop
    Ditto Dat^^^^

    ...and make the roof with larger overhangs and open eaves(covered in HC) for better ventilation.

    .....and please, please hinge the window from the top instead of the bottom(why did they hinge bottom-smh)
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  5. cambriagardener

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    We used 2" x 2" welded wire and wished we'd used hardware cloth wire. All day long I watch (on my hencam) the wild birds come and go from the coop. I'm sure they eat half the food before the hens get it. They are also known to carry diseases. Worth the money.

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