Chicken with a hooked beak?

The Mother Hen

6 Years
Jul 10, 2013
Hookbeak is my one and a half month chicken and she has a problem, a hooked beak. I was wondering if it will hinder her in any way and what I could do to help her. She drinks fine, but getting food can be hard for her because her beak is curved at about half an inch or less past her lower jaw. Her father, a Bard Rock has a slight hook, while her mother, another BR has a long slender beak.
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A photo would help us figure out what you're talking about. But it sounds like you are talking about an overgrown beak, which is common in some birds that don't spend much time wearing their beaks down. I'd trim the beak with some human nail clippers so that the top part of the beak is just a little longer than the bottom part. There shouldn't be any bleeding, but if there is, stop it with some styptic powder, cornstarch, or flour.

If you're talking about a crooked beak, that can be somewhat corrected with trimming, and you can provide deeper food dishes to help the affected bird(s) eat.
It is only long and hooked. I ended up trimming it down with a nail file and she seems to be doing a lot better at eating.

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