chicken with a problamatic foot?


10 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Missoula ,Mt

i bought the chick in the photo wich is a rhode island red around 3 or four days a go and its rufly a week old. this moring i wen't to check on them and i saw there was problem with the chick. she had a hard time standing and walking and when i picked her and sat her down her foot loked like she was on her tip toes . iv looked around on the web for what it might be and we cant find aything clsoe to it. she cant stand to stand for very long and im afraid that the other chicks i have will start to peck at here dose anyone know what the problem might be.
It could be some kind of nutritional deficiency. I would get some poly-vi-sol (without iron) from a drugstore and give her a drop twice a day. I like to dilute it by half, put it right by the beak until they slurp it in. Hopefully that is all it is. Is she doing okay with the rest of the chicks, not getting run over? getting enough food and water? If not, you will need to separate her out. You can cage off a corner of the brooder with hardware cloth, give her a little food and water container, a stuffed animal and a bit of the brooder light. That way she can still hear and see her buddies.
ill try it and see if it helps . it dosent seem like shes being crowded or picked on .the only other thing that seems to be the problem is shes crying a alot like shes in pain.

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