chicken with black poop?


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona
I have one of our bantam's that has been sick with a respiratory infection for the past 2 weeks or so, I have been feeding her a lot of lettuce and blueberries because she loves them. Today I went into the bathroom where she is right now and her poop was basically black, is it possible this is just from the blueberries she is eating? Or maybe the medicine? Just curious if i should be worrying about it.
I dunno about chickens, but once I brought my two year old to the doctor for vomiting and then having black poos. It was discovered that she had eaten the entire gallon of blueberries we picked the day before.
Thank you!! I think this is normal too! She just has a respiratory infection going on and I am making sure its not something else! Maybe I should cut back on the blueberries hah!

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