Chicken with both feet curled up


9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
I have Lavender Orpington Pullet who is I am guessing hatched around the middle of April beginning of May. She was doing great until the end of June. She started not being able to walk on her on leg. She would just hobble around. We had a big party here for my mom's 60th birthday. So I kept everyone in the coop that day for their safety. I thought maybe she just injured herself jumping down from the perch. About a week later she couldn't walk on the other leg either. I separated her from everyone else, and began feeding her a mixture of yogurt, honey, shredded carrot, and shredded apples. While she loved the mixture it didn't really seem to do much for her. I started to think maybe it was Mereks, but none of the other chickens had any problems. So after talking to a vet decided well maybe she did just injure her self, and she strained her other leg because of the bad one. I kept her confined to hopefully heal. She is eating good, drinking good, and seems to be in good spirits. It is now the beginning of September though, and she has shown no signs of improvement. She does get up and walk around, but her toes are all curled up and under. She walks on the tops of her ankles when she does walk. I have picked her up, and she is lighter than the other chicks I got from the same hatch. But they are roosters so they should be a little bigger. I have tried to feel around her legs and hips, but everything seems normal and in place there also. I have bent her feet out how they should be, and she does not seem to be in any pain when I do. The toes just curl back up as soon as I let go of them. I am now starting her on 4 drops of Poly-Vi-Sol once a day to see if that might help. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else could be wrong with this little girl? Does anyone know how long it will take the Poly-Vi-Sol to show any improvements? I really don't want to loose her as she is the only Lavender Orpington pullet I have. Of course I got 3 roosters out of the hatch and only one pullet, and she would be the one who has developed the problem. So typical for my luck.
If it is a vitamin deficiency how long would it take to see results if it would be able to turn this around?

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