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I noticed that in the past couple of days one of our buff orp. pullets has been sounding funny. She's sneezing and almost gurgling a little when she makes noise. She seems to run and eat ok, doesn't seem lethargic or anything, just the above symptoms. The rest of the flock seems to be ok. It has been rather chilly the past few days with temp in the morning in the 40's.
Right now we got her inside the house, since it's warmer here than in the coop. What should we do. I don't know if I could get her to vet tomorrow. What can we do in a meantime for her.
I have the same problem, only its been for two months now. I have two Delaware pullets with the same symptoms. One of my RIR's was like this, but she got better after two weeks of anitbiotics in the water... But the others didnt. I know this doesnt help, but hopefully we can find out what the problem is together.
Here is a site with very useful info regarding the different diseases that chickens can get. Hope it helps you. From everything I've read...there is no such thing as a chicken having a cold. Running nasel passages are a sign or symtom of something.
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To quote/paraphrase Speckledhen, 'chickens don't get colds; they get diseases.' And even if you are able to ward off the symptoms with antibiotics and other treatments, they will likely be carriers their entire lives.

Some will cull chickens with these symptoms instead of treating them in order to protect their flock.

That said, i don't mean to be harsh. And hope your girls are just fine, and it's a fluke.
This site is not helpful... I put sneezing, and none of the diseases have the same signs as my girls except for sneezing!
Did you ever find out what was wrong with your chickens? Mine have the sneezing and a little gurgling but they are very active and eat good. I don't know what to do, I have been treating them, but not sure if it is helping!
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Thank You for that site on diseases on poultry it really helped me a lot. My little guys were sneezing, and I was worrying so this helped.
This thread is several years old so I don't think any of the original posters are likely to respond. But here is a little info on chicken respiratory diseases:

Chickens do NOT get simple colds. They get respiratory diseases. Most are viral in nature, a few are bacterial. Many of the symptoms of these diseases mimic each other so most of the time it is not possible to make an exact diagnoses without having lab work done. Some diseases, like Coryza, have symptoms that make diagnosis a little more clear, such as the smell associated with the disease. The rest are much more obscure.

Birds can generally recover from these diseases with some TLC and medication. It's not usually the disease itself that kills them but rather the fact that they so easily morph right into pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections. Hence the need for antibiotics. Tylan 50 in my drug of choice for respiratory illness.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that even after birds recover they will remain carriers of whatever they had with the potential to infect any new birds. They may also have recurrent outbreaks during times of stress.

If you Google "poultry respiratory diseases" you can read through all the potential diseases chickens are susceptible to, their method of transmission, how to treat and manage etc.
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Your right about the cold to disease thing which I had for gotten about sense I have not had chickens for 25 years. I see the same rule still apply now days.
I got them on medicines, vitamins and electrolytes they are better and dumped the old feed out. They are 5 mo. now still had some chick starter and I
think it went bad. My chicken are Bantams and the feed lasts a long time, I added scratch to it a while back, but like I said I dumped it out and got new
egg layer and scratch. If they don't get all well after this treatment I'll change medicine. Thank You for Info. It was needed. I do have lots of birds around
the chicken pen and I feed the birds right next to them, I'm treating them in their water too.

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