Chicken with crooked/broken foot

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    Jun 6, 2011
    Hugging a Chicken
    Here is a little info on my chickens:
    Gloria is our newest hen, she is a Plymouth Barred Rock. (Barred means black and white.) She is limping on one foot, and has been since she came to us. Her previous owner thinks she might of got stepped on by a horse. She is a daily layer.
    Penny, is our talkative, blue eyed chicken. She is semi-blind. When she lays her eggs, she lets the whole neighborhood know it!
    Hazel was the first one to start laying eggs.... and thats surprising because she is blind and the oldest of them all! She is so sweet and when you call her, she comes running!
    Hazel and Penny are Orpington chickens, they are orange-gold. All of them came from a friend who rescued about 20 chickens from a abusive home and found these 2 chickens who were bumping into things and falling over. They needed special care and TLC (and a peacful home, away from all the horses and dogs and roosters!) so she asked us if we could take them home! They became Hazel and Penny. We got Gloria a month ago, she was the outcast and was very lonely. She was bullied alot, but when Hazel and Penny came back for a week while we were on vacation, they befriended Gloria! Their owner asked us if we would include her in our little family!

    So anyway, I would rather not take Gloria to the vet unless it is really needed. She limps around the yard and digs in the dirt, like any other chicken. But she does lie down a lot, and lately has a lack of energy. Her foot is crooked, and bends outward. (She has also been sneezing and has diarrhea.)
    Is there any home remedies that I can try? Something to take the pain away from her foot?
    Also, does the sneezing and diarrhea have anything to do with it?

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