Chicken with crop problems! Help!!


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Apr 23, 2020
I have a chicken that I believed to have had vent gleet. I started to treat for that and noticed she wasn’t eating and had a little wheezing, but with no other respiratory symptoms. I checked her crop and it felt firm and like it had tiny rocks in it. This was after a few days of not eating. I massaged and it’s loosened up and went down slightly but not completely. It also sounds a bit gurgly. I suspect impacted crop that also turned sour. For 2 days I did epsom salt water twice a day along with probiotic water and nutridrench since she wasn’t eating and syringe fed it all and then massage for 10 minutes each time. Today is day 3 and there is some improvement but still feels like she has some little “rocks” left in there. She ate a little plain Greek yogurt today and instead of epsom salt water she now is getting apple cider vinegar in her water with some crushed garlic and I’m still massaging, am I doing the right thing? Could it be something else? We have no chicken vets where I am so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Can you get some photos of her poop and her vent?
Does she lay eggs?

Are you checking the crop first thing in the morning before she's had anything to eat or drink? This is the best time to check crop function.

Feel her abdomen for any bloat or fluid while you are examining her.

Epsom salt flushes can be very dehydrating, I would make sure she's drinking plain water, if she's not drinking on her own, then syringing fluids into her would be good.

Crop issues can often be a symptom of an underlying condition a few are reproductive issues, worms, coccidiosis or infection.

This is one of the best articles I know of when dealing with crop issues.

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