Chicken with eyes swollen shut


9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
Can someone out there help me with my sick chicken? I was out of town for one week and my son was looking after the girls for me. The day I left he emailed me to say that one chicken had something wrong with one of here eyes.

It has slowly gotten worse until today she is basically blind. She does not cough or try to scratch the eye at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would get her separated & on anitbiotics. I would also use a warm wash cloth to clear her eyes then use vetrx on her comb. I am by far not the best person to advise but that will get you started until someone else can post. You could also do a serch on here for others that have had the same problem.
I have checked on line and it may be Infectious Coryza.

Has anybody out there ever had this?

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