Chicken with Injured Leg


7 Years
Mar 1, 2015
This morning I went in to the coop and saw one of my chickens no moving laying on the ground as the others ran out as I let the others out. I took her into the shade cause I saw she was over heated and gave her some food and water. Then I realized she couldn't walk and I looked at her foot and she her back toe was almost completely severed off and she was missing multiple scales on her foot near her toe. What should I do?
Well you could take her to a vet, but if not, put some Blue Kote on the severed toe. It also looks like she was somehow attacked near that area, keep her separated from the rest of the flock and supplement her with food and water.
Thank you! We have her in our house and we have cleaned up her wound! But it looks like the toe may be broken and without the use of that toe it seems she can't balence!
Well, until her foot heals, make sure she has food and water and she is able to survive, also I doubt she will lay any eggs.

Your welcome!

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