Chicken with NO use of legs

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    The little terrier dog I took in today decided it would be a fun time to chase the chickens. I was feeding the rabbits and went after him as soon as I saw him take off across the yard. He got a little black pullet, and seemed to have squished her pretty good just before I got to him. I pelted a plastic coffee can at him to get him away from her, but the damage was already done [​IMG]

    Right now she has feeling and movement in both legs. Nothing seems broken or problematic, she just can't or won't stand or walk on them. I had the SAME problem before with her, but it was only one leg. Now it's both and I'm very worried.

    She seems to be getting tired and won't eat or drink (bad sign). I'll be watching her closely and keeping her in a cushioned box with me.

    Should I feed her a warm mash of chicken feed? She doesn't act like she's in pain, and doesn't react like she's in pain when examined. No broken bones, spine seems fine.

    He's going to a chickenless home on Sunday, this is the first time he's actually gone after the poultry. He's banned to leash on outside now, even though the yard is fenced.
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    how bout scrambled eggs and sugar water? Good luck!

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