Chicken with Pale Comb and Not Laying

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    Oct 11, 2012
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    Hello to everyone!

    My red girl hasn't laid for about three weeks now, her comb is very very pale and limp and she is lethargic. Very weak, doesn't eat much, some mornings she won't come out of the coup. Her condition seems to be deteriorating. She is loosing weight and looks very sickly. Two of the other chickens pick on her a lot and it seems to be getting worse the more she deteriorates. I am very worried about her and not sure what to do. They get wormed with apple cider vinegar and get fed pellets, occasionally they'll get some fruit like watermelon. Please help!
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    Isolate her immediately.Put vitamins in her water and offer eggs and tuna often.The best place for her would be in a warm/dark/quiet environment.If she doesn't drink you will need to give her oral medication either by using a 3cc syringe/Eye dropper or cupping your hands with water and slowly dipping her beak in it.Is her abdomen swollen?How does her crop feel?Is her Breast bone sharp?

    Apple cider is not a good Wormer.Here are some good Wormers.Safeguard,Vablazen.
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