Chicken with suspected upper respiratory, treatment?


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
I got a whole new gorgeous flock last week!

I seperated all birds that came
from different breeding pens in quarantine and took a few out and seperated that needed extra attention.

This girl looked not well as soon as she was out of the crate. The breeder let me know she had been treated with ivermectin for what i can assume was mites. I think the move stressed her out enough to give her a upper resp!

Can you treat upper resp with noromycin?

I can go to the vet tomorrow when they open for something different but they are closed wednesday/ thursdays :(

I have her in her own stall with food, scrambled egg and water... what else should I be doing?

her comb had been pale since she got here but could be from molt?
I’m also wondering if that’s the beginning of a bubble in her eye?

E956D38C-2E9D-4423-B0DB-A747D4765755.jpeg 54B268B0-7AB1-4068-9B8E-7584BF8A678D.jpeg B5B73682-BA7A-4A4E-8A32-1C8187D2D629.jpeg

sorry for lighting our barn had ugly fluorescent lights!
Maybe you should wait for the vets opinion,that’s a lot of issues for one bird..

Good luck tomorrow

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