CHICKEN WITH WORMS.. I did not know chicken got worms!!!

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    How do you know if they have them, how do you prevent them? How do you treat them? Are there any symptoms if they have them? Please I need to KNOW!!! DJ This woman I know butchers her roos for freezer, she is the one who told me about this, she has been butcher for years and has never seen this before...she said it looked like worms that dogs get!! Is the chicken safe to eat if they have worms at time of butchering? Thanks for the help in advance. DJ
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    Do you have a feed store and/or vet supply near you? They usually carry dewormers such as Wazine or Ivermectin to treat birds. I usually use the Wazine because it is cheaper. It works great for roundworms, etc and is added to the drinking water, so all of the chickens can be treated at once.

    ETA: Sometimes the chicken poo will show signs of eggs. Sometimes they are lethargic....other times they act fine. If you suspect they have worms, I'd deworm them. Just don't eat the chicken eggs for 2 weeks (so I have been told...because of the dwormer, not the worms).
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    BarkerChickens, should you do this a couple times a year or when do you know to deworm them. I don't know if mine has worms or not. I did not know about chickens and worms. How often do you worm yours? DJ
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    I don't know much about chicken worms at all but I do know I wouldn't eat one that had them [​IMG]
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Shoot no..I wouldn't either!!!!
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    worms are common in chickens
    and only live and eat the chickens food in the gut of the chicken
    in some advanced conditions worms are emitted in to the egg tract and DO come out in the eggs also

    but to worm chickens is easlily done and I will put the two kinds of wormer here

    (A) Since they have not been wormed it is best to have you give the wazine first. Then 10 days later use the Ivermectin.
    in between you need to give them the

    (B) wet mash probiotic
    1 qt of dry crumbles
    1/4 cup of yoguart
    1-1/2 qt of milk any kind
    feed 3 tsp per chicken what they will eat in 20-30 mintutes. clean the wet feeder and restore the dry crumbles
    feed this each morning for the 10 days. Then administer the ivermectin.

    (C) to use the pour on Ivermectin I will put this exerp from my friend Nathalie Ross who wrote my worming article for me


    For the pour on Ivermectin (not Eprinex) the dosage I
    use is as follows:
    1 drop - OEGB sized small bantam female
    2 drops - OEGB sized small bantam male
    3 drops - average bantams
    4 drops - large bantams, small commercial fowl
    5 drops - most commercial fowl, small giant hens
    6 drops - giant breeds of chicken

    I always use a 3 cc syringe that I just fill to about 2 cc's with a 20 gauge needle. The needle WON'T be injected into the chicken, but does make it easier to dispense a controlled correct sized drop. It also is easier to get in there between the feathers.

    For location, you'll want to find an easy to reach
    spot with as little fluff as possible. I've had the
    best luck with the back of the neck when I am by myself. I just pick up the chicken in my left
    hand, ruffle around the feathers with my right hand until I find a nice clear spot, then rotate the syringe around to dispense the drops exactly on the skin.

    If you hit the fluff, it will soak in before
    you can do anything and will be wasted. That stuff soaks in like lightening (which I discovered to my horror when I accidently got about 1 cc of it on me from the bottle - I'm worm free now!)

    While you have the bird up, look them over. This is a great opportunity to nip things in the bud! Take advantage of it.

    Generally I like to recommend that first time wormers use Piperazine (Wazine being the most common brand) before using Ivermectin the first time. This is a common practice with most livestockmen and women.

    You use a less effective, less broad spectrum wormer first just in case there's a high load of roundworms. If there is a high load of roundworms and they're all killed at once, you risk either impaction or the bird having a reaction to the foreign proteins that the dead/stunned worms become.

    The best way in my opinion of doing this is to worm with Piperazine in the water first - full strength 24 hours, then instead of following up in 10 days with piperazine, use the Ivomec Ivermectin or better yet Ivomec eprinex (for 0 withdrawal time).

    Using this program, I worm once a year. Once I have wormed with ivermectin, I don't use piperazine again unless I do a second worming during the year or have
    reason to suspect they've encountered a heavy level of parasites. In fact, I worm once a year almost exclusively.

    GLH replied

    ***Also some people use DE in the feed daily at rate of 2% De to the amt of crumbles
    The Iermectin kills the wworm larve in the blood stream and then the DE knicks the adult worms in the gut and they dehydrate and become protein in the birds body
    thus the DE will do away with the adult worms

    ***** you can also use the cayanne pepper daily in the feed
    1 gallon of crumbles put 2 tbsp of cayanne pepper mix good and feed daily to the chickens
    this will keep the birds wormed and also keep them from coccidiosis
    it is very healthy for them after the initial worming

    give me a email if more questions I will try and answer you
    I hope this helps you.
    email me PM if there are questions

    As to eating the chickens with worms that is a personal issue. I never did but that was my preference
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    Quote:Honestly, in the past year and half I have dewormed by chickens once. If all seems fine, I let them be. [​IMG]

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    you can take a fresh sample to a vet for a worm and cocci test..sometimes called a fecal float.
    it will show what worms they have.

    Wazine 17 (active ingrediant is piperazine..may be labeled Piperazine 17) is a good wormer, easy to use, and widely available, but only treats adult round worms (common in chickens)..
    and should be repeated in 10-14 days.

    sometimes you can see the worms in the droppings.
    they might show loss of weight even tho they eat.
    they might look "out of condition"
    droppings can change color and consistency..such as foamy
    egg production might drop
    heavy infestations can be more serious and show more symptoms, such as weakness, (especially the legs), paleness from anemia, etc..
    and lowers resistance to other illnesses.

    here is a list and source of all wormers that can be used..they are broader wormers that treat more kinds of worms.

    chickens get worms from the soil, bugs, earthworms, etc..

    I worm my chickens twice a year...spring and end of summer or early fall before it gets cold. I try to avoid worming them when temps are extreme.
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    Thank you so much for this information. One of my chickens had a worm in its feces.[​IMG] I didn't know that chickens got worms. [​IMG] I am off to the feed store to get the worm medicine. Do you have to treat the coop? Do you have to treat the yard they roam in? [​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm bumping this up because I'd like to know about treating the coop also.

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