Chicken with worms

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    Apr 19, 2016
    Hi all, I hope somebody can help. My 4year old frizzle has worms and I've put de worming medicine in the food but she is not eating it or drinking. She was absolutely fine on Monday then Tuesday I noticed she was a little sad looking and then I watched her and found a worm so got medicine straight away. Now she's not eating or drinking and her poop is kind of creamy colour [​IMG]
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    Sorry. You know she will die if she does not eat. Plus her immune system will be down and she could have other problems. I am one that will not take a single sick chicken to the vet---so I doctor them to the best of my ability. I would start tylan50 oral---about 1ml at least once a day(twice is good) I would make her a gravy using warm water from some factory type feed that will some what dissolve---drawing the gravy into a larger syringe---no needle----easing that into the back of the throat and allowing her to swallow, in a day or two if she is perking up I then see if she will eat the food straight out the container still using a little warm water. I have found that most chickens that are not eating---their body temp is down so I make them a bed in a tote---using a older heating pad(one that stays on all the time) in the bottom on low and place a thick towel over it so its not to hot for her--shaping this towel on the sides to give her support. I usually only have to do the heating pad a day or two if she is eating this gravy or food. As soon as she starts perking up I will worm her, BUT if in the beginning if she feels like all bones---hardly nothing on her breast bone I will mix a touch of wormer in her warm feed/gravy from the beginning. Good Luck
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    What de wormer did you give (dosage too)?
    Can you post some photos of her poop?

    Try to encourage her to take fluids. Add some poultry vitamins to her water and see if she will eat a wet mash made of her food.

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