Chicken won’t free range.

Old Ben

Sep 23, 2018
I let my chickens out for a few hours every other day and let them wonder around the yard. But there’s one chicken who’s around 3 years old who doesn’t like going out of the run. In fact the other day I let them out 3 hours before dark and that hen sat on the roost the entire three hours and all night. She is molting right now so that could be it, but when I got her around 4 weeks ago she wasn’t molting. Perhaps she was getting ready to? I’ve only ever seen her go out once for about 10 minutes. And I stay out there the whole time so I’d know if she was out. I even ran her out of the run myself, but she just went right back in as soon as I walked away. Is it a problem? And if it is what should I do?

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