Chicken wont get up-issues

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    Mar 2, 2016
    Hello yesterday I sadly found one of my chickens had string wrapped around her leg. Not sure how, but I think it was for a whole day ;( She will not walk or doesnt even care if you pick her up. Under her stomach all of her feathers are gone. I gave her a warm bath with baby shampoo and she didn't even try to get out or anything. I cleaned her off sat with her for about a half an hour and fed her cucumbers and tomatoes which she loved. This morning my daughter went out and said she didnt get out of her spot from last night. Please help, I can't loose anymore, my heart is aching. We had something get in our coop and eat all 9 of our last bunch. These are quite new to us. Please help if you can, I will do anything.

    Thank you

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