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Sep 18, 2008
i live in the city and i have 8 chicken but i found out 3 of are rooster so my friend are ging to take them what is the best breed i want a med. size good layer.or any thing really what is a good better you think should join my flock i have 1 buff laced polish and a white crested black cochin white cochin and a black japenses what is a good breed and why i can only have 8 and i have 5 so i need 3 more
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Get three good layers. The birds you have arent known for laying too well. Try Buff Orpingtons. They are calm and lay well. Or red stars or black stars even lay better.
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i know the ones i have are mosty for there beauty the cochin are to hatch the eggs and the polish are just so pretty but thank you and ill think about wich one to get

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