Chickens afraid of airplanes

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Jun 22, 2016
Silicon Valley Area, CA
Hi all,

Our chicks are now 9 weeks old and we have been starting to let them roam our fenced-in yard the last couple weeks. We live in the city and are under a flight path so an airplane goes over very frequently every few minutes. It is hard getting them used to ranging because every time one flies goes over they go running for safety back to their run. I am glad they have a good instinct for how to find cover, but it is getting a bit much! They don't really leave their home much unless I coax them out with mealworms. When I "herd" them over towards the lawn area, they do enjoy pecking around in the grass ... until an airplane ruins the fun!

Anyone else experience this and how long did it take them to get used to airplanes (or will they even get used to it)?
I haven't had an experience like this but honestly I think that over time they will be ok, it's hard to say though. They're still pretty young so my guess is that as they get older they will get less paranoid.
They might get used to it? In general they keep their eye on the sky for Hawks. Mine run for cover even if the Blue Jays fly over. I also Have Ducks, so if the ducks run or quack real loud? The chickens run for the Lilac bushes...
Might be something your going to have to get used too?
No real help here, but wanted to say Hi! I noticed your in the bay area as am I. I live in Pacifica and am new at chickens too! Good luck.
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