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    Mar 27, 2018
    Hello all. Advice needed please...
    I have a dozen laying hens, no rooster and a large coop. Could park a car inside.
    My father is a rancher and has a calf that lost his mother and is giving him to my boys to bottle feed and raise. Could the (2day old) calf live in the coop for a few days while we clean out/ repair a space for him in old horse stables? I am concerned that my girls will peck at him and taste blood and hurt him. Mostly concerned for his eyes. They have hurt each other in the past, and my cats eye and still pick on one of the other hens so I am wondering if they'd peck on a calf.
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    My chickens don't peck my goats, or donkeys. It should be fine. The calf may knock stuff over jumping about as calves do.
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    That would be my concern.

    Can you use some livestock panel, or something, to block off part of your huge coop for the calf to stay out of trouble? Still may will freak the hens out, they don't like change.

    Oh, and, I want to see pics.
    Oh, and two, Welcome to BYC!
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    Mar 27, 2018
    Thank you! I was blocking a portion off. Just wanted to make sure they wouldn't peck through at it or get curious and fly over.
    Thank you both! I am new to cattle, and my dad doesn't know chickens so we weren't sure!
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