1. C


    (I didn't know what forum to use for this, sorry if it doesn't fit with 'managing your flock') Is it okay to have only roosters in a flock? We've been getting alot of males recently, and I really don't want to rehome them since I get attached way to easily to these babies. So I was wondering if...
  2. Tami2

    Absolutely Criminal - Big AG Egg Laying Hens

    I had no idea it was this bad. I knew about the meat chicken industry and other Big Agricultural industries. But, I didn't know it was this bad for the laying hens. Poor things. 😱😡 https://www.thedodo.com/undercover-chickens-laying-hens-egg-photos-1073596755.html
  3. W

    Is a Brahma rooster okay to put with a mixed flock?

    I have two dark brahma hens, one light brahma hen, and a light brahma rooster, all about a year old. I bought them all together a couple weeks ago, but the rooster needs more hens, which now I cannot find any more brahma hens around me. He is making the hens back raw, even with the saddle on...
  4. Savannah_Likes_Chickens

    I need a bit of help with my 4 chooks.

    At the moment, we belive that we have 2 pure-bred light Sussex chooks (a rooster & a hen) but the other 2 concern us. We are fairly sure that They are a Sussex (not sure what specific type) cross with an Easter egger. Any thoughts? they are both hens (top is Clover and bottom is Loona) we...
  5. Tsmith1414

    Mixed Flock- silkies / RSL / Columbians

    I am looking for advice. Silkies are 21 weeks. RSL's are 18 weeks. Columbians are 17 weeks. No eggs as of yet. Everything I have read and spoken to other Silkie owners is that they require more protein than the typical 16%. I have everyone on 19% protein and the silkies have been gaining...
  6. TabithaN93


    My 2 year old hens have all of the sudden stopped laying eggs, they have never done this before. I live in Mississippi and the temperatures have been around 100° lately...could that be a factor in them laying eggs? I do keep them watered and they have plenty of shade.
  7. A

    All my female birds are mating?

    So i have three hens and two female ducks. Ever since i got my two ducks (around 3 months ago) they’ve tried to mate. We know for a fact that they’re both female and we figured they were doing it for domination but they never stopped. Today they were swimming in their pond and one persistently...
  8. J

    Double Egg

    So our chickens have only been laying eggs since May 23rd and only 4 of our hens are laying so far but today we got a double egg? I went to crack and cook a very large egg that my wife was sure was our first double yolk. I was very surprised to find another whole egg shell in the egg! Is this...
  9. Countryhippie

    Aerial Mosquito Spraying HELP!

    Where I live has decided to start spraying for mosquitos, they have decided to do truck spraying through the neighborhood streets and properties. I am not exactly sure when this is suppose to happen yet, but they are suppose to send us an email when it is our time. I am worried that this will...
  10. EnnieM

    Housing breeding pairs?

    Say you have 5 roos & 9 hens. After they’re done with the breeding season (let out of their breeding pens), would you separate roos from hens or keep together? If you’d separate, does there need to be a wall to keep the roos from seeing the hens? I have a 40x20 outdoor space to work with...
  11. M

    Introducing Chicks…

    Hi all! I have 37 chickens total… I have 1 rooster & 6 hens that are over a year old in their own small coop, I have 1 rooster and 21 hens that are 9-10 weeks olds in the new coop/shed we are planning on putting everyone in, and 1 rooster & 7 hens still in the brooder box that are 7 weeks old &...
  12. Y

    Chickens stopped laying all of a sudden

    Hi! I have 6 hens and 1 rooster. About a year old. They have been laying a lot this spring and all of,a sudden they stopped laying the past week or longer. I started giving them a lot,more,produce that we are getting from a local natural grocers. Lots of various veggies and greens. Is that...
  13. K

    One hen is trying to steal another hen's baby chicks!

    This is very bizarre. So I have one hen that had her chicks hatch at least two weeks ago. She's been walking around with them happy as can be. However, there was another hen who was broody at the same time, and continued trying to sit on the eggs until yesterday (I was removing the eggs from...
  14. TabithaN93

    The crew!

    finally have the coop together! Also have the saddle on one of my hens (Dorothy), her poor back has no feathers on it, got the saddle to protect her and hopefully her feathers will start growing back soon!!
  15. ElimAcres

    Breeder Hen/Roo Diet

    Hello experienced breeders/hatchers. I am wanting suggestions on what to feed my hens from whom I collect eggs for hatching. I read in another post that a 20% protein feed (basically a grower type feed) is recommended along with oyster shell. Are their any other recommendations on feed or...
  16. H

    Bonding with older "rescue" hens

    Hi! This is my first post, as I am a new chicken mom. I got all four of my chickens from a farm animal sanctuary, and all came from abuse/neglect cases. I got a Golden Comet/Red Star and a Rhode Island Red about a month ago, and last weekend I went back and got another Golden Comet and a Barred...
  17. C

    Louisville KY - Hens for Sale/Trade RIR & Australorp

    I'm downsizing my flock and I have 2 hens left to sell. Both are about 1.5 years old, healthy, and laying about an egg a day. 1 Rhode Island Red (RIR) 1 Black Australorp Make an offer. I can accept cash or trade for plants, seeds, produce, etc.
  18. The ChickInn egg supply

    Leghorn Crosses

    Hey all, I have a white leghorn rooster now and am excited to try hatching out eggs. I’m curious on what crosses would be best. My first thought was to try rhode island reds. This makes golden comet or something alike? Would the chicks be sexlinked? Also, I’ve read that black australorp crossed...
  19. A

    New Member with sweet backyard hens.

    I posted this elsewhere on the page. We are looking for 1-2 youngish (1 year old or so) bantam frizzle hens to add to the two we have already. A rehoming situation would be great, we are in Albuquerque. Thanks! These are our girls, Dolly and Reba
  20. C

    Help! Something just killed 7 layers!!! (Picture that might be considered graphic)

    My husband just found all these hens dead in our pasture. We have had hawks regularly killing and eating our chickens. They seem to attack once very couple of weeks. This attack took place in broad daylight. I’m including the pic because you can see the damage if you zoom in. We’ve had fox in...
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