1. 3- CHICKS

    How long before you introduce new chicks to the flock

    How many weeks before it is safe to allow the older hens around the new babies? I have three new chicks about three weeks old. My three hens are just over a year old. I've read they should be around 16-20 weeks. Are there any tips or tricks to make the two coincide with a peaceful transfer. I...
  2. Veiji

    Food for Flock

    As I am starting my own flock, we had added Cockerels. We know the hens NEED calcium, so we provide them with Layer feed and offer Oyster Shells in a dish 24/7 access, BUT now that we have Roosters, what do we feed the whole flock? We have Layer Feed, Scratch Grains, and Oyster Shells. Do we...
  3. M

    Hello from Northern California

    Hi Everyone, My name is Mansoor and I live with my wife and our two children in Northern California, close to Sacramento region. We just completed our backyard coop little over a week ago, and currently have three hens. They are laying and it is great to walk back into the yard and collect...
  4. Lola1609

    Help! Pecking order or bullying?

    Hi, just looking for some advice (I’ve researched and read up but read contradicting advice on sites), last week I rescued 2 ex-bats and brought them home to my current flock of 2 ex-bats and 1 hand-reared duck. I can section off my enclosure into 2 halves so kept the new girls separate for the...
  5. EggsNchooks

    Best hens for broodiness

    Hey, I am interested to hear peoples knowledge or personal experiences with the best kind of hens to use to sit on eggs. I’d like to get a batch of baby chickens coming through every now and then without having to incubate all the time as it’s costly with electricity. or am I dreaming? Is it...
  6. MetroMutt

    morning/night? What times to let them out in the morning.

    Ok so getting my hens Saturday, wondering good times to wake them up in the mornings my current schedule is I wake up between 10-11am (I have sleep/health issues and go to school around 11-12:20 if its online or not.) I plan to wake up a little earlier so they have more time in their run. I...
  7. They like the right nesting box

    They like the right nesting box

    My hens really like the right nesting box.
  8. ChiknforME

    7 of 25 Laying

    I have gathered 25 laying hens over the past couple of months. 9 were younger pullets and the rest were laying prior to me acquiring them. I am getting 5-7 eggs a day. Is this normal? They have access to oyster shell and get layer crumbles.
  9. NatureGirl74

    Sour crop?

    I went to check for eggs and found one of my hens licking her beak a lot. Then, she put her head down and a little clear fluid came out. She started licking her beak again after that. She's still eating and drinking. She acts like all of the other chickens. Does she have sour crop? What should I...
  10. fancyfarm

    1 yr Australorps bullying or molting? bald back of necks. Help

    hi y’all. I’ve read through several threads and haven’t found anything to help with my concerns. I have 3 Australorps that were a year on March 4. there is a pecking order that was established quite a while ago but never had serious issues. within the past couple of weeks, two of my girls have...
  11. 20210321_142517.jpg


    2 of my hens...Buff Rock and Blue Orpington
  12. F

    Rooster won’t return to the coop at night!

    Hi all, New member here! We have two hens, a gorgeous New Hampshire and a lovely little leghorn. They’re the sweetest hens and always come home to their coop at night. Now, about 2 months ago our neighbours rooster started visiting us, And of course, our hens and the rooster now adore each...
  13. sokeefe28

    ISO silkie pullets/hens

    I’m looking for silkie bantam pullets or hens any color any age. I have 2 Roos and not enough females for them to share!!!!! Need more ladies lol My chickens are family and very spoiled. I’m located in NY will pick up if nearby or am happy to pay for safe shipping methods.
  14. P

    Egg withholding period after Doxycycline and Colistin?

    Hi all! I’m new to raising chickens, my father recently bought 30+ chickens and somehow I became their caretaker 😅 We have a large backyard lot so the chickens have made it their home, day by day looking after the chickens becomes easier and I’ll admit they’re growing on me. Towards the end of...
  15. D996455F-B266-4E69-9785-1F0D9A851D82.jpeg


    This is the first time these girls have seen grass. Poor things are still recovering from abuse at their previous home.
  16. chickenchicklady

    Not laying eggs

    Hello friends. I have a problem. My chickens are not laying eggs. I get about one egg every other day out of 20 hens. I have been giving them oyster shells, grit, protein in the form of meal worms. They have a clean coop, they have clean water, they are getting plenty of nutrients. None of them...
  17. MetroMutt


    Hello im Metro im a disabled artist who loves chickens/birds (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Im fairly new to chickens but ive been volunteering at Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary for almost a year now! I love birds very much and I currently have a green cheek...
  18. NatureGirl74

    Hens with one wattle

    I have two 7 month old turkens. They both have small combs and only 1 wattle. The wattle is right in the middle. It's not to the side. Is this normal for turkens. None of my other turkens have this. Just curious. The orange/red one is laying eggs. They're green though. I didn't think turkens...
  19. Dragonwolfmastr

    Black and white spots on chicken comb

    :frowHi there, My gorgeous hen Rocky has some black and whitish spots on her comb. I thought it was dirt at first, but I tried to wipe it off with my finger and it seems like it's stuck on there. I also checked out some other articles like this, and they said it might be pecking scabs, but I'm...
  20. C

    Murderous Chickens??

    Okay so I don't know what is going on but in the span of a week my mom and I have found 2 dead hens. The first was a young Houdan, pretty new to the flock so I'm guessing they were already picking on her and things got out of hand. My mom found her practically mauled. Just this morning when I...
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