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Sep 25, 2009
I'm considering getting some yard chickens, but before I begin I need some advice on how to socialize my rather high strung basset hound/black lab mix with chickens. If I don't have a good plan for socializing her with the birds I'm afraid I'll end up with a disaster. I know that I've seen dogs and chickens on the same property before. I just need to know how to go about introducing them to each other so the dog won't attack the birds.


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May 14, 2009
Aregua, Paraguay
from PA! I keep my dogs separate from the chicks, so I don't know how to answer your question, but I'm sure someone will come along and help you!



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Aug 5, 2009
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from WI. Some dogs are better with chickens than others......It depends on how your dogs prey drive is, how trained/responsive your dog is and a lot of other things. I have two is pretty hyper at times and was insanely curious about the chickens in the beginning. I had to be out with her even with the chickens in the enclosed run. I had to make her sit and be calm to just 'observe' the chickens and get her used to their sight, sound and scent. She jumped up at the run door a few times nd needed correction. She is fine now when the chickens are in the run, she is fine as long as I am out with her and supervise. I do not trust her out when the chickens are roaming the yard and I am not with the dog. She will get into one of her crazy moods and chase. Same dog that ignores squirrels for months at a time andthen suddenly has a day where she wants to chase....
So, any interactions should be made slowly and carefully. Be prepared to provide a secure area for the chickens at least for a while. Some dogs will not work out with chickens I think. But some will....Post your question in the "managing your flock' section, you should get better rsponses there....


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Sep 23, 2009
Welcome from AZ.

I've lost two of my year old hens to attacks from my own 7 month old dog! She (corgi/ chow mix) was already four months old when we got her so she didn't grow up with the hens. Our two older dogs don't mess with the hens at all, but our new puppy couldn't resist playing with them death. I don't think she was trying to kill them, she just wanted to play and was way to rough. The poor hens. All dogs are different, so be very cautious and supervise all interaction until you figure out how your dog will react to the chickens. Some on this site have suggested shock collars if attacking is a problem. I haven't resorted to that yet 'cause she (Elsa the dog) seems to be getting better with age. She seems more interested in the chicken scratch than the hens these day! But I'm still wary. Good luck.


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Mar 17, 2009
SW Indiana

My dogs used to like to watch them when they were babies in the brooder. I would pick a few up and let the dogs sniff them. Of course I was very careful. When I moved them outside to the coop/run, the dogs had seen them so many times by then that they really didn't pay much attention. Still could care less even if the chickens are free ranging.


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Dec 1, 2008
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it depends on how well trained your dog is now, does it 'sit' 'stay' and 'come' on demand. My pitx was and it still took 4 months to train her not to go after the chickens. i would take her out on lead, while the chickens were free ranging, when she seemed focused on the chickens, would gently pull lead, and say NO. this went on 4-5 times a day(i work full time, so every here even visitors were on same page) them gradually drop lead, now if a chicken comes close she rolls over and becomes surmissive to the chickens. none of my 4 dogs messed with the chickens. i do let them all out together, my biggest problem, DOGS like chicken feed and will crawl thru pop door to get to it.

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