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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Yesterday we lost one of our Kahki Campbell ducks to an unknown predator. We only had 2, so our other little girl was lost. She kept calling for her sister. We let her out to free range with our chickens. It went pretty well only minor pecking. When it came time to put them up I didnt want to put her by herself so we put her in the baby coop with our 11 week old barred rocks. We didnt put her in til they were roosting for the night and I let them back out fairly early this morning. Everything went well. Fast forward to tonight at bedtime. The reds went to their coop like always, the BRs went to their coop with a little lonley duck following them in. The BRs climbed up to their roost and the duck laid on the bedding on the floor under a chair I have in there by the roost. She will only be lonely for one more night. The Lady I got her from is selling me her mom, dad and hatchmates. They will be here Thursday. These chickens and ducks never cease to amaze me.

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    Oh that is so sad. I know how lonely my ducks get without one another. I'm glad she'll have her relatives with her once again. I hope she's a happy girl again!

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