chickens and ducks....

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    Apr 19, 2011
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    i have 2 one month old ducks and 5 three week old put up a fence a couple days ago for the ducks...with a pool in it for them to swim and hang out in the grass....they love it....then today we put up another fence connecting to the other fence for the chicks to play in the yard together for a little while....there was a fence seperating the chicks from the ducks...not on purpose....u should of seen the ducks trying to get to the was sooo funny....the ducks would go up to the fence and put there beak through and the silkie chick would come charging at them...the one duck fell on its was peeing myself was like they wanted to see each other but were scared of each it started getting windy and i didnt want them getting cold so we got them all back in there coop and went back to get the last one off of my boyfriend and it got under the fence and ran over into the duck fence and the ducks started pretty sure it was the same one that ran toward the ducks for poking its beak through....hope they will all get along....

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