chickens and feeding them.

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Ive written on this before,so an update.Ive come down to about three things i grow in my small greenhouse,Thats where my chickens are also.
    My chickens go crazy for purslane(miners lettuce) it seems to grow like crazy.I snip some off and the gals just cant wait for it.
    Clover goes over big,its planted on the floor.Oh and the purslane is mostly in small flats on a bench.
    Barley grass,beardless.Grows fast and i snip some off the tops for a while then replant.
    I got all this seed off ebay. im curious how it well do through the winter.
    My one problem ive noticed is my gals like this stuff so much they arent so interested in the layer crumbles.Ive been holding off on veggies some to get them to eat the grain stuff.
    I get some veggies from veggies cleaned at a local food bank.I also eat salads so they get some Romaine lettuce and spinach.
    I crumble up theyre egg shells real well(cleaned and heated up)for calcium,i think the veggies provide some to.
    Those little eggs from these bantams are preety tasty.
    My meal worm project,well they get some but im not so crazy about it,kinda stinky.
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    The girls love their greens, this is true!

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