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I have raised 5 chickens and 5 guineas together now for 3-4 months. My guineas are creating havoc at roosting time. They jump and squawk and push chickens off the roost. Do I need to get another place for the guineas to roost or could I put a high roost in the coop where the chickens couldn't fly and that would satisfy the guineas? What if my hens raised chicks...would the guineas hurt them? They all free range in the daytime and I'm mostly having difficulty at the coop at roosting time. Although my roo seems to try mating with the female guinea in the daytime.....? If I have to find another place for the guineas at night, what would you all suggest?
once guineas decide where they are going to roost not much you can do to change their mind. lol another roost may be helpful for the chickens. I raised them together but after the guineas started nesting they went their own way by themself. i did have baby chicks and this is what happened . daddy stayed with all my chickens in the coop and didnt bother any of them until mama came off the nest and his protecting nature kicked in then he went after them all. it was a big about face . I ended up getting the guineas a coop of their own and i had to keep them in it for a month or more until they would accept it and even after they wanted back "home".
Hello My name is John I currently started my farmyard chicken hobby and I am going to receive 2-3 guinea fowls at a later date I have shelter but actually I am going to raise them like my chickens

1:Going to make them very domestic
2:Then I am going to let them roam around like my chickens and see to it that they come back in at approximatley 05:00 o'clock

Not sure if their going to be helmeted guinea fowl.

Another thing I am a South west African and my chicken hobby I started a few month's ago.
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I have had the same experience. I raised guineas with my 6 chickens and now the guineas are keeping the chickens stressed out at roosting time. They also lead the chickens to places they should not go...that being said, it has been an interesting time with these guineas. One has an injured foot right now and there is no way to catch it to doctor it. They will eat out of my hand, but if I touch them, even at roosting time, they go ballistic! I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the guineas.
i had to catch them with a big net after they were in the coop. member on here called starkasm has hers tamed beyond friendly. sit in her lap and the whole 9 yards
Gosh!!!!! So happy got new chicken chicks a few months ago and they are absolutely beautifull one is named Milky cuz she has these cute little milky white dots on het head she is really.... "Weird" tho cuz she doesn't seem to be growing to me but I must be kidding myself, she is the most humanly friendly chick EVER! I haven't even entered the coop and she is already starting to climb my foot when I hold my hand for her to get up she gets up and when I sit down she just gets on my laps and starts sleeping, one of my hens use to lay on my lap and I would put a egg on me. She would move it under her and start to lay as if on a nest and creep up against me taking the little egg with her. it is so ADORABLE!!

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