Chickens and inground swimming pools


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Feb 26, 2011
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When we get our chickens, we plan on letting them out of their coop/pen into the larger fenced area of our backyard when we are outside. I am assuming a lot of the time that they will be out, the kids will be in our swimming pool. Do we have to worry about them going near the pool? the winter months we have it covered with a liner that allows water to penetrate through is safe for a human to walk on, but animals with claws like large dogs can damage it if they frequently walk across it...I was wondering if the chickens would avoid walking on this or if anyone thinks it will be an issue? Since they weigh so little I am not concerned about them damaging it as much as maybe getting their toes caught in the fabric? Does this make sense?
I have 29 chickens that also roam freely around my pool area. None have ever shown any interest in going near the pool itself, summer or winter. I do try to keep them away from the pool deck when we are using it. Stepping barefoot in chicken poop is not fun.

Enjoy your new chickens.
Thats for sure!
I've seen this question posed on BYC before and many said that chickens have fallen in and drowned. I don't have first hand experience but from what I've read here this could be dangerous for the chickens.
I don't have a pool, but I do have a garden pond. I have had chicken hop into the pond, with water up their legs, but never in the deeper area. If they could walk on the liner I think that is a possibility.


We turned our swimming pool (32' x 18') into a koi pond with plants, etc. The chickens walk around the pool/pond, although my husband said he saw the welsummer fly across it once. A few of them will eat the vegetation growing from containers at the inside edge of the pool/pond
A friend of mine's chickens would sometimes drink out of it when ranging, but one time it was dark and she forgot to lock them up, and a chicken fell in and drowned.
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I have a pool and let my chickens free range when I'm there to supervise. They show no interest in the water. To busy with the surrounding bushes.
I cringed when I saw the title to your post... We don't have a pool, but we USED to have a 16 gallon tub of water in the yard for the dogs. My birds always have fresh clean water, and yet one of my favorite hens decided to drown herself in the tub.
That was the first year we had chickens, and I have never kept a tub like that in the yard since. Our neighbors had the same problem, but they've lost quite a few chickens cause they water their horses out of the tubs, so they cannot remove them
On the other hand, they also have 2 ponds on the property, and the chickens have not gone for a swim in them, as far as I know. I'd use caution with the chickens around the pool simply because it's horrible getting home and finding any of them floating in the water. Learn from my mistake on this one & you'll be a much happier chickie owner
We have a large rubber container full of water for our horse. Last November I went out to feed and my white silkie was just standing in it, chest deep in frigid cold water. He had gotten so cold he couldnt move. I quickly scooped him up and wrapped him in my coat as I ran for the house. I bathed him and blow dryed him and he was fine. I dont how much longer he would have lasted if I hadnt showed up....and if the container had been full he would have drowned immediately...

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