Chickens and Pheasants?

I hear that it's not a good idea

We put some ringnecks in our coop with our chickens when I was a kid. The pheasants always died within a couple of months.
Did anyone tell you why it's not a good idea? Do the chickens have something the pheasants can't deal with, or do the chickens pick on them, or...?
I think it was a biosecurity issue.. they can catch fatal stuff from one another.

Also Pheasants need LOTS of space if they are going to be real healthy.
Can they be free ranged and roost in the henhouse with the chickens? (the chickens are free ranged, also)
I don't know the answer to that, but I'm sure there are some pheasant aficionados on here that will know the answer.
i have chicken and my silverstogether with out a problem they have been together for about 2yrs now the problem comes with the chickens can carry blackhead wich anit good for pheasants and other disases that pheasants cant handle, but if you have healthy birds their is no problem keeping them together
That's true. Always best to keep them seperate though, one reason, blackhead shows no clinical signs in chickens, also it's not the only disease they can spread, enteritis, coccidia, fowl colera, MG all are common in chickens and pretty deadly to game birds. Chickens are very tough birds and can deal with a lot of stuff other game birds cant. Turkeys, peafowl, pheasants, quail etc, are all safest away from chickens. They are birds that are use to wide open life styles where they are not contantly walking in poop, or over heavy used ground, thus their need for a high immine system like chickens have is over looked. With their lower immune system, these chicken diseases can wipe out these type birds very quickly, like I said even from chickens that seen very healthy as many diseases are just carried in chickens..

No free ranging and barning together doenst cut it. 90% of all this stuff is transmitted threw poop, bird one poops, bird two pecks at it or steps in it, then they have it.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but they do bare extreme watching. and I would never in a million years risk keeping high end pheasants near chickens.
But, yes I myself have kept silvers , gold and amherst near them or even in the same pen with no problems. But only after years of keeping the same flock with no new additions, I feel much safer about their over all heath then. But any time , it is a risk and generally recommended to be avoided if at all possible
Are you trying to flame? no offense meant but if you search pheasants with chickens you will clearly get the general idea. People get very touchy about this subject... yes you *can* but no you *shouldn't*

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