Chickens and poison ivy

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    Does it affect them like it affects us? When we moved in 10 years ago we had a lot it, got rid of it long before we had chickens, and now its coming back. My concern is our chickens eating it when they free range and I assume its as bad for them as it is for us, right?

    Last time we used Round Up on it, but now with chickens I have a concern about that too.

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    Quote:I wouldn't assume that it is bad for them. Many wild critters browse the stuff and birds are fond of eating the berries (and spreading the plant all over the areas they range.)

    Domesticated animals eat it too. The worst case of Poison Ivy I've ever had came from a pair of goats I cared for one summer that was dining on it behind the barn, unbeknownst to me. Handling your birds will be the biggest danger for you as the oils will stick to their feathers.

    I just spent minutes of exhaustive online research and did find P. I. on one one list of plants reported to be toxic to chickens posted on a forum by someone that did not identify himself as possessing any credentials. His list included many common garden plants that my chickens have been known to browse on, including eggplant. The many, many other stories of chickens browsing happily on it, along with the documented consumption of it by other birds tells me that your chickens will be ok.


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    Quote:Thanks Wayne - the oil sticking to their feathers and getting onto us never even occured to me! Yikes - don't want that. We do handle them so I think as soon as it leafs out this spring we'll use Round Up on it and keep them away from it unitl the plants shrivel up.


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