Chickens and sunlight....


11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
Northern California
Hi everyone~

I was planning on putting my coop under some shade trees but then was told not to because the birds need sunlight if they are going to lay eggs. So now I'm torn. What would you suggest i do? I live in Northern California and it can get pretty hot in the summer. Is it ok to have some shade over their run during the day?

Thanks so much,
My girlies have some shade and some sun. I put lattice over the top of half the run, now they can decide! They lay according to length of sunlight during the day, witch is why winter can put them off laying (I'm in Canada, so I have to keep a heat lamp on alot inside the coop, so I get good laying all year round). Hope this helps!!!
If you are talking Northern such as Redding or something, YES, shade!! They do need some sun but in that heat, they need lots of shade. My chickens free range a lot and you can bet, they are always under a tree or some sort of object, and it doesn't even get hot here, mainly 60's. They do run around in the sun some, though.
Yes, respite from the sun is essential. I've been told many times that chickens feel better in cool temperatures than hot ones.

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