Chickens and Table Scraps


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May 21, 2010
Can anyone tell me what kind of table scraps I can give my hens? I have 9 laying hens about 13 weeks old. They are not free ranged, but they do have a pen that is 8x10 feet long that they can come out and graze in. Any suggestions on how often and how much I should give them?

I think the majority of their food intake should be grower Pellets at that age. (many books say no more than 10% treats) That being said, part of the benefit of chickens is that they can help turn your left overs into eggs so many people give them a dinner of leftovers every day. I think you will find as many opinions on the subject as there are people on this site (well maybe almost that many)

So here is what I do. I keep grower pellets in their feeder all of the time, and once a day in the evening, give them left-overs. They do still get quite a bit of grower food so I know their nutritional needs are being met, but they still put my leftovers to good use.

Enjoy your babies.
Actually there are things that we can eat that they shouldn't. . . such as avocados. Most things are okay in moderation, though.
This morning mine got left over angel food cake mixed in with last night's cheeseburger casserole and mexican rice from the night before lol. They loved it.

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