chickens and turkeys coexist??


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Mar 5, 2011
do/can turkeys and chickens share a brooder? when would be a good time to separate them?
I have 15 Cornish Cross Chickens and 3 BB Bronze Turkeys coming in about 2 weeks.
I have about 25 sq ft of space (round) set up with 2 heat lamps at one end.
I keep them that way, no problems so far. I know it is discouraged as turkeys get disease so easily. The Turkeys will out grow the chicks and be way more active, when they take to roosting, I'd separate them then. The meaties will rarely if ever roost. I have mine with a Hen, first time and hoping it works for them NOT to eat constantly and to sleep at night under her as long as possible, like at least a WEEK
good thing she's not a banty.
We have 3 turkeys in with our chickens they grew up in the brooder with the chickens and have always been with a lot of chickens and 5 ducks no fuss no muss....enjoy
The danger is to the turkeys, since most chickens carry a disease that's benign to them but lethal to unvacinated turkeys called Blackhead. The benefit to the chickens is that turkeys carry a benign form of mareks and being exposed to turkey poop can give them resistance to it. Later when the Toms get large they can get overly aggressive and if they corner a chicken will kill it.

Basically you can keep them together but ther's a lot of risks.
Where did you get your chicks and turkeys? I wanna find a hatchery that would be willing to let me just order 2 or 3 turkey poults along with my chick.

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