chickens and vacations??


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We are really intent on getting started with a few chickens at our farm. However, we love to go camping several times a year in our RV. We are usually gone about a week at a time, but most of the time 3-5 days. About every other year, we do a 2-3 week trip.
Is there anyone out there who has the same loves that we do, come up with a plan to manage the chickens and still enjoy camping in the great outdoors? I guess if we have to pick between one or the other, we will have to go with the love of camping, while we are still young enough and able to do that.
Getting a "neighbor" to take care of flock daily, isn't an easy task either.
Any friendly advice?
We have a house sitter come and care for all our animals while we're gone. Luckily for us she grew up in El Salvador with lots of chickens so it's easier for her. I think having someone stay at your place would be really helpful as things can happen with chickens at 3am (e.g., predators). We've been away several times and never had a problem.
We have the same problem so I take them camping with us!
well, actually I find a babysitter to change water and gather eggs, they get to keep the eggs. I have a girl coming over for the next three day to stay with our dogs and chickens and we pay her the money that would have gone to the kennel.

Actually, that thought of taking them with us did occur; however, with 2 dogs and 1 cat as travelers, things could quickly get out of hand! Thanks for the good advice.
Surely you jest.

What could be more restful than staying at home and watching Chicken TV all the time?

All right, seriously, now - I do have friends with chickens who live close enough to check on them once a day, if necessary.

Also, right now I leave for work and get home from work in the dark, so I really don't get to spend much time with them u 'til the weekends. From behavior and events during the past couple of months, I know I could go away for two days, easily, without involving anyone else in their care. Longer than that, I would ask those friends to check on them and refill feeders, waterers, kiddie pools for the waterfowl, and to gather eggs (which they could keep).
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Automatic waterers & feeders! I usually ask someone to refill, gather eggs, and check on them every 2 days. I go on vacation for 3-4 weeks every year . Hope that helps
I know how you feel. We spent $75,000 for a Teton fifthwheel that's just sitting now. Truck and trailer just sitting. Can't leave the chickens. And won't trust anybody else to look after them.

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